We missed the GDPR deadline. How do I update my content?

May 25, 2018
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Transparency and Consent Is a Good Thing

Today, new European regulations went into effect to help increase transparency and intentional consent of information you, as an organization collect about your visiting audience (especially Europeans).

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.My favorite explanation of these regulations so far come in the form of a BBC quiz. (Though of course, as a content strategist, the correct answer should have been more instantly and clearly obvious in the results.)

Essentially, to be in compliance with GDPR, you need to make personal information you collect about your audience available to them, it should be easily erasable if they so wish, and we, as businesses, should never ever "auto" opt them in for anything.

These are web best practices you might be following already.The more information you (and your partners on your behalf) collect in different ways, the more complex this may become.

How Does GDPR Influence Your Content?

If you collect any data about your audience, which we assume you do, talk to a legal professional who is well versed in GDPR about updating your privacy policy, updating any forms or processes that have automatic opt-in (that is, delete all pre-checked everything), and informing your audience about the changes.

From a content strategy perspective, simply updating your privacy policy and informing your audience of the changes may take a hit on your mailing list of prospects. But, if done right, that could be a good thing. You only want to talk to people who really want to hear from you.

Pushing content to people who didn't explicitly ask for it is ... well, pushy. I'm pretty sure that's not a brand word in your Marketing Positioning Statement.

GDPR Is Killing My Prospect List: Help!

If you've already complied with GDPR, you may notice your lead gen or prospect list has decreased, which may cause some alarm. Hopefully, all of these people who have opted out no longer need your services or product, so you can consider it a healthy list cleanup.

Now, it's time to bolster the list with a lead generation campaign. Consider talking to your marketing team and content strategist about boosting your ongoing content marketing efforts, with a specific goal of gathering new, interested prospects.

So, What to Do Now that GDPR Is in Effect?

Here are some steps to get you started becoming in compliance with GDPR, if you haven't already:

  1. Talk to your legal professional about this first (this list is not considered legal advice).
  2. Update your privacy policy as Legal recommends.
  3. Update any pre-checked opt-in forms to eliminate the pre-check. Clarify language to be specific on what you will do with the information gathered.
  4. Talk to any vendors that help you manage and collect data about your audience.
  5. Check with your marketing software systems (like your email service) for built-in GDPR help.
  6. Let your audience know about the privacy policy changes (even if you are late doing so).
  7. Get a new lead generation campaign going stat, including solid, value-add content marketing efforts.

Need help making it all happen? Ask your friendly content strategist. :)

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