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Shelly Bowen, website content strategy

Content Strategy for Website Development and Beyond

When is the best time to bring on a content strategist?

As soon as possible!

Each content strategy initiative is customized to fit your objectives, budget, timing, and resources.

Planning your content strategy approach now will help avoid time-draining delays or expensive revisions.

Example Content Strategy Deliverables

Here's a selection of some of the content strategy deliverables we might plan for you.

Content Research

    • Identify Resources, Needs, Obstacles, Goals
    • Interviews and Workshops
    • Research and Review
    • Audience Analysis
    • Content Inventory
    • Content Audit

    Content Planning

    • Collaboration Dashboards
    • Gap Analysis
    • Brand Messaging
    • Core Messaging Priorities
    • Information Architecture/Sitemap
    • Page-Level Content Recommendations

    Content Execution

    • Coordinate with Design/UX/SEO
    • Write New Baseline Content
    • Oversee Content Writers
    • Manage Content Workflow
    • Create Style Guides
    Shelly Bowen, website content strategy

    QUIZ: When do you need a content strategist?

    1. Are you launching a new product or service?
    2. Is your target audience evolving, expanding, or getting lost?
    3. Do you have multiple brands that need website messaging clarification?
    4. Do you need expert help with consistent content creation and website content organization?

    If you answered YES to any of the above, your timing is right.

    “A content strategist designs the airplane. The website writer puts the right message inside.”


    Top Five Benefits of Content Strategy


    Make an Impact

    Get the most value from your content investment.



    Represent the brand right, every time, everywhere.


    Stand Out

    Prioritize top messaging priorities to impress.


    Activate the Audience

    Increase self-selection and get them to DO SOMETHING.


    Encourage Sharing

    Improve retention and increase word-of-mouth. 

    Experience the Benefits

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