Do we need a communications expert on our board of directors?

September 7, 2022
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Do we really need a communications type person on our board?

Yes. As you know, boards of directors are often made up of a people with variety of skillsets, experience, and networks, including business strategy, ecommerce, product development, operations, technology, and others specific to the type of business. But what they often lack is someone with a long history of communications experience. 

This can lead to many struggles, especially when the product or service is complex and/or the executive team brings many perspectives. 

A communication director can not only help bring a variety of perspectives together in order to take action, they can also help the company attract new talent and customers, and make the brand look bigger and better than before.

A Communications Director has experience making loyal connections

A marketing communications person is a minimal requirement for a balanced board of directors, and a person with a wider range of content strategy experience is even better. This professional will help guide and advice the company on opportunities related to:

  • Public relations
  • Brand reputation
  • Thought leadership
  • Brand story and word of mouth
  • Content marketing
  • Website and app content
  • Social media presence
  • Corporate communications

A communications expert can also help bring the strong and varied voices of your board of directors together into cohesive direction for your executive teams.

Complexity requires excellent communication

Consider all the difficult messages that need to be distilled throughout the year and the life of a company, and how they are currently managed for the company. These include:

  • Business strategy shifts
  • Brand and product changes
  • Change of management or operations
  • New competitive landscape
  • Regulatory changes 
  • New partnership integrations
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs

How does your company craft the right message and get the word out to your customers, your employees, your executive team? What about your vendors, supporting agencies, and partners? 

Having leadership on your board of directors who has decades of experience understanding the impact of how growth and change gets communicated, and ensuring that it does get communicated, is crucial to a company’s long-term health and success. It also makes work life a whole lot easier.

A person who also brings diversity to your board? Even better.

Looking for a communications expert for your board? Contact Pybop to start the conversation.

About the Author: Shelly Bowen

Shelly Bowen, content strategist

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