How has the COVID-19 crisis affected content strategy efforts?

April 17, 2020
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Content and Communications Is Essential Business

Pybop is here for you!

Remember back in 2008, when we all experienced a tremendous economic downturn? One of the first things many businesses did was to lay off their marketing department. Marketing is often not considered essential, when money gets tight.

The same thing is happening now.

What quickly happened back in '08 though, was that businesses has no way of efficiently or professionally communicate their business, how their business was evolving or pivoting during hard times, or simply being the thought leader in the space. So they hired it out, which was great timing for the beginning of Pybop, almost 12 years ago.

When Do We Ramp Up Our Messaging Again?

So while some B-B businesses are putting a “hold” on marketing and communications efforts,  it may be difficult to ramp back up again, and content will be more important than ever. From an online communications perspective, when things get put on hold it may appear to customers and partners that the business is not active during these difficult times, or that it’s struggling.

On the flip side, other businesses are taking the opportunity to fill the gaps of information. They are working through this “new normal” like the rest of us; they’re trying to figure out how this will affect their business and their customers and adjust their operations … and even their products.

Communications Is Evolving ... and Involves Listening More

As a content strategist, I’m actively working through these rapidly evolving ideas and challenges with my clients. Our audience is becoming broader; the very young, older folk, and previously set-in-their-old-school-ways consumers (as well as employees) are becoming more digital savvy. More people are becoming more comfortable with video conferencing, digital transactions, and app interactions.

In other words, there are more ways to communicate with your audience than ever.

How will this pandemic and ripple effect of consumer decisions and behaviors influence your content strategy? Because it should be influenced, or you’re missing a huge opportunity to grow during this difficult time. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Listen and let them know you're listening
  • Reach out for feedback (repeat #1)
  • Lead by example
  • Share other's great ideas, perspectives, and accomplishments
  • Let them know what you're doing and how they can get involved

The good news is, Pybop is here for you, through thick and thin, and most of our clients understand that proactive communication, in addition to listening and responding, are essential right now. They are thinking and planning ahead and building on their communication strategies while the way we live is rapidly changing.

I commend them for their perseverance, and I look forward to supporting the others that are just starting to ramp back up again.

About the Author: Shelly Bowen

Shelly Bowen, content strategist

Shelly Bowen, MFA, is a content writer, content strategist, and founder of Pybop.

For decades, Shelly has written for businesses on complex topics from disease prevention and medical devices to alternative energy and leveraging data. Today, she's hyper-focused on supporting B-B technology businesses. In her spare time, she hikes, kayaks, draws, and works on her T-Bird.

A wide variety of brands rely on Shelly as an essential freelance writer and content strategy resource.

Follow Shelly on Instagram @pybop or connect on LinkedIn. More about Shelly and Pybop.

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