Why aren't my leads converting? (Slides and podcast)

November 3, 2016
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Nine Common Content Strategy Mistakes

Why Aren't My Leads Converting? 9 Common Mistakes from Shelly Bowen

In the last eight years working with clients at Pybop, I've seen some trends. Especially with regard to converting leads to loyal ... subscribers, buyers, patients, students or or whatever you're helping your audience do.

Flip through these slides or listen to this follow up podcast at the San Diego American Marketing Association.  Lead conversion is a tricky thing. For example, you might be driving traffic to your website, but it's not capturing qualified leads. Qualified is key to conversion.

If you're selling to hospitals for example, you don't want to be attracting consumers. Or you have a healthy email list or social media followers, but people aren't enticed by what you're offering in the moment.  The reason people aren't taking action might be a small tactical thing or it could be that your brand story isn’t compelling the right people to take action at the right time.

Take a peek at these nine surprisingly common content strategy mistakes that may be making your leads hesitate and even turn away.  

They may spark ideas for you to:  

--Optimize lead capture and conversion by eliminating common mistakes

--Leverage your audience journey to find opportunities for user experience improvements

--Identify whether your brand story is strong enough to convince your audience

--Make taking action a compelling and satisfying experience for your audience  

Need more ideas? Download this list of lead conversion solutions (PDF), or better yet, book a virtualcustom content strategy workshop or, when available, in San Diego, California.  

About the Author: Shelly Bowen

Shelly Bowen, content strategist

Shelly Bowen, MFA, is a content writer, content strategist, and founder of Pybop.

For decades, Shelly has written for businesses on complex topics from disease prevention and medical devices to alternative energy and leveraging data. Today, she's hyper-focused on supporting B-B technology businesses. In her spare time, she hikes, kayaks, draws, and works on her T-Bird.

A wide variety of brands rely on Shelly as an essential freelance writer and content strategy resource.

Follow Shelly on Instagram @pybop or connect on LinkedIn. More about Shelly and Pybop.

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