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Custom workshops for content strategy

What's a Custom Workshop?

Pybop's content strategy workshops are designed to help your team create cohesive content for website development, content marketing frameworks, and brand messaging.

Workshops are a natural element of a comprehensive content strategy.

All custom workshops are based on our “Put Your Brains on Paper™” philosophy. Writing down ideas -- on the wall, on giant rolls of paper, on Stickie notes -- helps clarify meaning, improve retention, and reveal connections. 

Popular Custom Workshop Topics

Core Messaging Priorities Workshop

Rediscover what’s most important to your organization and your audience, so you can analyze and optimize your messaging and brands.

Ideal for: Before communicating anything.

Branding Workshop

Focus on what your brand represents and how you might best express those ideas with a Brand Messaging Workshop,

Our most popular request!

Ideal for: Before hiring a design or marketing firm.

Audience Analysis Workshop

Better understand your audiences' needs in order to create content that best motivates and engages them. They will love you even more for it.

Ideal for: Evolving or growing target audiences.

Shelly Bowen, website content strategy

QUIZ: Do You Need a Brand Messaging Workshop?

  1. Are people describing the brand, product, or service in different or conflicting ways?
  2. Is your value proposition unclear to employees or customers?
  3. Is the brand evolving or expanding?
  4. Does it take a long time to explain the company's brand message?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact Pybop.

“The best content strategy workshops include representatives from a variety of departments.”


Top Five Benefits of a Custom Workshop


Facilitate the Discussion

Encourage more voices with an unbiased facilitator to guide the brand conversation.


Reimagine or Reinforce Your Brand

Develop your brand messaging and brand voice as a team.


Inspire Loyalty

Inspire brand loyalty from the inside out; they'll discover more aspects to love and share!


Create a Brand Roadmap

Get your team involved in continuing to build a stronger brand over time.



Educate your team on editorial best practices, workflow, reviewing content effectively, and more.

Experience the Benefits

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Shelly Bowen, website content strategy

How a Workshop Works

  1. Request a workshop to suit your current messaging and communication goals. Workshops are currently virtual.
  2. We'll block 2-8 hours spread over sequential days.
  3. Invite key stakeholders to participate fully or partially.
  4. Everyone gets to work — real work, not exercises — to determine how to best express your brand message.
  5. Pybop captures key discoveries and distills into usable guidelines for website content creation.

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